smart ecofilms – smart films for your cards

These days cards are high-tech products which store a great deal of personal data. Whether bank and health cards, transit and entry cards or driver's licence and identity cards – for good reason the demands on manufacturers are very high. Also security-critical are the data pages for passports.

An overview of card requirements – they must:

  • be tamper-proof

  • ageing resistant (hydrolysis resistance, chemical and mechanical resistance)

  • satisfy many functional standards

The materials used must also meet numerous material standards such as the European Chemicals Regulation, REACH.

Only future-orientated high performance plastics such as polyethylene terephthalates (PET) can meet these requirements. Lützelschwab Consulting AG knows all plastics and is specifically highly experienced in dealing with PET.

Our values

Our company provides comprehensive and responsible advice. We choose the most appropriate material, without restriction, for the various security-critical applications. The result is an intelligent solution for the economy, the environment and for society: The material used must be economically favourable and at the same time environmentally and socially responsible – and this is considered over the entire life cycle.

Products arising from this approach are smart ecofilms – smart films.

Lützelschwab Consulting AG – your trusted partner in the card market

Lützelschwab Consulting AG has been an independent, recognized partner in the card market since 1992 – firstly as a sole proprietorship and since 2001 as a public limited company (AG -Aktiengesellschaft).

From our location in Switzerland we work together with established card manufacturers globally and support customers throughout the world. Our range includes films for smart cards (chip cards) such as bank cards, identity and health cards as well as customer cards and other cards. We also offer films for data pages of passports.

Since 1994 we have been working as a plastics specialist and agent for Folienwerk Wolfen (Germany) and operate exclusive and worldwide marketing and sales of all types of films for smart cards and security documents.

The CEO of Lützelschwab Consulting AG, Daniel Lützelschwab, is a graduate printing engineer and has over 15 years of experience gained as a product manager in the flexible packaging industry.



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